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America Needs The Elon Musks’ of the World

By James C. Frasure III – InnerKwest

Elon Musk is the perfect fit for America’s Twitter and all things related to blurring and crossing the line to the appeal and indoctrination of white supremist ideology.

Elon Musk’s origins are from Pretoria South Africa and benefited from that country’s minority rule of apartheid through inhumane acts of violence and mass oppression.

The news comes amid the news that Musk reached a deal with Twitter to purchase the social media platform. The move was cheered by lawmakers and conservatives who say that the CEO will bring the principles of free speech back to the platform.(MAGA)

The Hill

The notion that a Elon Musk free speech Twitter is best practiced by saying anything that comes to mind including toxic hate speech. That would be a pathway to usher America into an era of civil unrest unseen since the civil war.

Civil war is what too many rabid minds in America think they want. Such a proposition imposes a disposition that no one is innocent. No one. Just think about such a mindset.

Bleeding Kansas Read More

If African-Americans think for one moment that the sticks are not lining up to test just how bad they want to cling to perceived American values, just watch what happens in the 2022 midterms and the 2024 presidential elections.

A continued directional pathway steeped in denial, passivity and complacency will bring to bear on African-Americans a test challenging their peaceful existence in America.InnerKwest®

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