Angry White Thugs (Men)

By James C. Frasure III – InnerKwest

America has again showed the world that the real thugs walking the streets are angry white men. White men and women are training their kids to be cold-blooded killers with the Rittenhouse trial affirming to other pre-adult whites to go out and create purge scenarios.

The judge presiding over the trial basically sent a signal to white men and boys that says “I got your back” if you have the urge to purge with a AR-15 or any weapon.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Plans to Establish a Militia That Answers Solely to Him

Ron DeSantis continues to fan the winds of hate. Why does this imbecile need his own private army? I can image several scenarios. One possibility would be to use his military to keep him in office if he looses the election. Believe it or not, after Katrina hit New Orleans there were those that wanted to make NOLA a white haven while a substantial amount of African Americans temporarily relocated to other parts of the country. Therefore, it appears DeSantis and his Trump crony constituents are testing the waters with this inference of state backed militias’.

‘Over my dead body’ | David Perdue Slams Abrams, Kemp in Video Announcing Run for Governor

Davis Perdue has made clear his violent intentions by stating: “Over my dead body will we ever give Stacie Abrams control over our elections again”. That is a reference to violent confrontation. David Perdue is yet again another old ass white man fanning the flames of hate.

Rep. Joyce Beatty says Rep. Hal Rogers poked her and said ‘kiss my a**’ after she asked him to put on a mask

Democratic Rep. Joyce Beatty of Ohio said Tuesday that Republican Rep. Hal Rogers of Kentucky poked her in the back and told her “kiss my ass” after she asked him to wear a mask before boarding the US Capitol’s subway system.

Beatty, who chairs the Congressional Black Caucus, said in a string of tweets, “Today, while heading to the House floor for votes, I respectfully asked my colleague @RepHalRogers to put on a mask while boarding the train. He then poked my back, demanding I get on the train. When I asked him not to touch me, he responded, ‘kiss my ass.'”

With white politicians cozy with the action of putting unsolicited hands on a Black colleagues, especially a Black woman is testament to the lack of respect in the upper ranks of white congressmen. InnerKwest®

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