Critical Race Theory and the Critical Actions to Mute the Truth

Filed By James C Frasure III – InnerKwest

Every time you enter into a space in which your Blackness may shape the interaction you are likely to experience, you are practicing “CRT” (critical race theory). Much of which shapes our racial lives in America is facilitated by law.

First, where did this construct originate?

Prior to slavery in American colonies, race was not an element in civilization. The Bible never refers to race when referring to a people or ethnic group.

When Napoleon made it on the scene he used the category of race to divide the slaves from whites slave handlers, because those white were lower class people employed by the upper-class planation owners and were sometimes treated like slaves themselves.

Napoleon is looked on by many as an early day Hitler

In the book; REMEMBERING AND FORGETTING IN CONTEMPORARY FRANCE: Napoleon, Slavery, and the French History Wars, French colonization has repeatedly been associated with genocide, and certainly not the first time that Napoleon has been compared to Hitler, the twin pillars upon which this book is founded.3 Ribbe, however, takes the comparison a step further, expressly associating Napoleon, the “first racist dictator in history,” a violent “negrophobe” and hater of Jews, not only with Hitler but also with the Holocaust. Without attempting to substantiate his claims, the author argues that Hitler was inspired by Napoleon- “sans le précédent de Napoléon, pas de lois de Nuremberg”-that Napoleon put “negroes” in their place, and that he was the first to “rationally pose the question of how to eliminate in a minimum of time, with a minimum of costs and a minimum of personnel, a maximum number of people declared scientifically inferior”. And just like Hitler, there were never any written orders; everything was either verbal or implicit.

Fact: Napoleon was a racist and hyper bigot.

The GOP created CRT just as Napoleon constructed the false premise of race, with the same intentions to divide and conquer, which the right-wing politicians and their constituents accept as a rationale to avoid truth. CRT is the garnish on top of the “Big Lie”.

Trump’s big lie and the big lie theory explained.

In reality when a person or cause hides behind a lie, eventually the truth prevails with unfathomable fallout. When the product from lies caught up with Hitler, Napoleon, Mussolini and and countless others their demise was cataclysmic, either naturally or violently.

Hiding and denying the truth about America’s history will only strengthen movements that empower people and organizations. Blacks must continue to demand a high value, quality of life, from which to be accommodated, respected, and regarded. InnerKwest®

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