Dear Oprah, I Must Ask You….

My Dearest Oprah, it has been brought to our attention through several sources that you go after black men accused of sexual misconduct more readily than white men. Is that true? 50 Cent and Russel Simmons, plus others can’t fathom your reasoning for such aggression toward black men and not all men.

I, for one do not find R Kelly’s discography anywhere in my music line up. I don’t find his voice to music appealing. I do have trouble with his taking advantage of young girls. I have a problem with a man with so much notoriety and cash flow can’t read. His ignorance quotient goes off the charts.


This Russell Simmons story seems somewhat sensationalized for Oprah ratings and some other castings for a big payout to someone.

You can do anything” to women and “grab them by the pussy”.

Bill Cosby lost his way. The women with the claims of his impositions were questionable to say the least, two decades later. Is the woman that put Cosby behind bars a transvestite? By the way, we actually heard Donald Trump say ” you can do anything” to women and “grab them by the pussy”. Trump, Weinstein, Epstein, and many more are apparently hands-off for black media moguls.

Oprah, in closing I know there is a business reason behind your two-tier system of who you publicly eviscerate. Black America is watching you if it matters. One last question though. Why do your efforts seem to publicly chastise Black men and not White men or all men? James Frasure's InnerKwest®

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