Examining the “Black Twitter” Plantation Train

A one-way train to other people’s prosperity

By James C. Frasure III – InnerKwest

Black Twitter, Facebook jail and all of the other market makers Black people pride themselves in being a part teeters on being calamitous. Wow!

Briefly let’s look at the Facebook jail. I have drastically reduced my presence on Facebook, because FaceBook , Meta or whatever you want to call it, because these mammoth brands rely heavily on Black participation. I have read posts where people were undeterred at the prospect of Facebook censoring them for frivolous reasons. They just knew they were happy to be released back into the Facebook containment sphere.

Influence vs Affluence

I must digress momentarily. Marketers worldwide understand Black people especially African-Americans want the spotlight and not own the spotlight manufacturer. Marketers know Blacks will spend disproportionately on any and all product categories to give their person an illusion of false wealth. Thus most times affluence is the Black reality.

Now there is Elon Musk, which definitely an influencer. Elon and his father’s family accumulated their riches off the backs of Blacks and African rare minerals in the era of “apartheid”. Now he wants to buy Twitter for $49B and take it private.

Black people have proven to be helpless when it comes to long-term self-determination. We have every excuse imaginable not to build our own social media platforms. Did you know that Twitter gave law enforcement drone footage coupled with facial recognition of the protesters around the country during the George Floyd disruptions?

Black people are reliable brand makers

It is nauseating how Black people pride themselves at making other non-Black entities influencers. Do you really believe that if Dorsey, Zuckerberg, Bezos or Musk put some heat under these bigoted politicians on voting right attacks that these archaic ploys would actually become law? After all, all four of these “oligarchs” benefit from the loyal patronage and plantation work they expect and extract from Black minds and bodies.

Back to this “Black Twitter”; self-hate and a limited vision-reality to which Blacks contribute to Twitter is unfathomable. Dorsey will throw a little bird feed now and then to keep his Black Twitter dream makers pacified, but otherwise his bottom line is in the billions.

This so called Black Twitter trumpet is an amazing illustration of how Blacks as a collective feel about themselves.

Whenever someone or entity of influence want to test a market, their first goto is to give some stimuli and gauge how Blacks respond about a certain situation or product. All they have to do is monitor Twitter (Instagram also) to get a reaction metric. That response data, which is packaged by the platforms, is worth millions in fiat currencies around the world.

Khaunda establishes cryptocurrency connection

If Blacks were to expend a similar cohesion of loyalty on Black owned platforms, our political and societal plight would be very different from the reality Blacks experience today in many sectors including, economics, politics, justice and law enforcement.

Blacks must participate in the development of platforms that directly reflect them or continue to remain stuck in disparaging dispositions and roles systemically woven throughout the American framework. InnerKwest®

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