InnerKwest™ Progress Report May 2020

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May 23, 2020 PM

If there is ever a time for the African-American community to come together that time is now. A profound apparatus has been put in place to systemically/systematically reverse and retard the growth of our community. The country is more divided than ever when it comes to the full acceptance of African-Americans into mainstream Americana. There is power in unity and InnerKwest™ takes on the challenge of being an advocate for profound unity.

A false sense of progress has allowed an overall lax feeling that has found too many waking up permeated in a frustrated state of mediocrity or worse. It is time to regroup and fully understand how the lull was introduced into the psyche of the collective. Sexual prowess and continuous good times drain energy from constructive growth. Deliberate thought and critical thinking need to be the first order of developing/sustaining community elements for community based acquisition of realty (tangibles).

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Until OUR community has more control over its destiny through entrepreneurial and seismic dynamic economics, we will always be at the mercy of outside agendas and forced to be their wealth generators by proxy.

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The staff and principles of InnerKwest™ and our Free Fist™ blogging style would like to thank our viewers for your continued support. We are the blogging component of AMIBC™, which is owned by American Internet Broadcasting Corporation. AMIBC™ is a holly black owned corporation with big aspirations. We sincerely ask that you share posts and pages from InnerKwest™ and AMIBC™. We need 1M viewers to be considered a force to be reckoned. We are a long way from our goal, but we are growing in that direction.

InnerKwest™ is that of a community sentinel. Although our narratives take on a creative style delivering the issues, we make every effort to speak truth to power. We need and expect viewership support from the African-American community and those that celebrate the culture. No matter what differences the community may contain internally, this is the platform to air those differences. NOT FACEBOOK NOR TWITTER. InnerKwest™ has the African-American community’s interest in full regard and again is unabashedly wholly owned by African-Americans. Sitting on the sideline is no-longer an option. In essence this platform is YOURS to help succeed or FAIL. We will not capitulate to the latter.

There are daily reminders to everyone not of European persuasion to stay in your place, or else. No matter you financial status or community standing, there is a pervasive energy that rejects and repels African-Americans at every level. They have attempted to generate a narrative which asks for tolerance of black people, but toleration is only a temporary fixture, plus to be tolerant is a two-way street. I tolerate a tooth ache, but will find a solution to discard the discomfort as soon as possible.

InnerKwest™ is more than a narrative publisher, we actively seek solutions that impact the community’s quality of life. We are an uncensored community asset.

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InnerKwest™ unabashedly advocates for an engaged 21st century community consciousness. This energized protagonist projects an awareness which demands respect for content of character while simultaneously rejecting those, who do not respect mankind’s entirety, community stature, corporate position, income, purchasing power, nor Kingdom Come.

InnerKwest™ will continually and conscientiously resonate a message of unity. We will not relent, digress, or vary from that message to any degree. Please sign-in below to leave questions or comments.
We always welcome constructive contributions and commentary.Innerwest®

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