Possibility Black DNA Altered from Generational Stress

By James C. Frasure III – InnerKwest

A 2015 study found that the children of the survivors of the Holocaust had epigenetic changes to a gene that was linked to their levels of cortisol, a hormone involved in the stress response.

I am convinced the descendants of enslaved Africans in America DNA may have been altered from generational subjugation with some more severely impacted than others.

All Africans were not from the same tribe when enslaved

In modern times it is easy to refer to all Africans as the same and this is far from the truth prior to 1600 all the way to 2022.

All people from Africa were not of the same tribe and cultures when the colonialist decided to impose their aggression on the indigenous people of the vastly resourceful continent.

Before The Berlin Conference of 1884 and 1885 African tribes and other civilizations, not colonies were a ecosystem upon which Africa had thrived since the beginning of time. All ethnicities, not races were born from this continent and migrated throughout the earth.

Europe was named after a false god construct

On the other hand Europa’s father was heartbroken and sent her brother Cadmus to find her and bring her home. Cadmus sailed over the sea and eventually arrived in Greece. He never did find his sister but it was Cadmus who brought the alphabet to the Greeks. The continent of Europe got its name from the princess Europa. In other words according to the Christian bible, Europe got its name from an false god construct. Enough said.

With a myriad of issues that continue to challenge Black cohesion, one has to wonder if there can ever be solid unity on critical issues. One must consider if indeed there is something within the molecular composition of African Americans rendering them solely as individuals unable to bind with other African Americans in significant numbers.

Some Jewish scholars contend that most Blacks in America fail at entrepreneurship because of their unwillingness to segregate their money like Jews did and still do. Jews only spend outside their community when necessary and cost is not a factor. Black people in America do not have that kind of resolve which has been and continues to be detrimental to the Black economy.

Blacks want their children to be socially diverse, while whites openly and secretly teach and show their kids by example how to maintain their white advantage just as Rev. Billy Graham taught Rev. Franklin Graham white nationalism while taking Black dollars at tent revival collection plates across America.

Blacks seem powerless at everything except being market driven

Blacks in America identify with a brand more than their fellow African American. NFL, NBA, GUCCI, NIKE, CardiB, IPhone, Cheesecake Factory, Facebook, Twitter, BMW…….Not one of these brands are owned by African Americans, yet somehow Blacks will justify their patronage to brands that have no real value to the Black community.

Maybe, just maybe the the DNA argument has merit and if it does I truly understand that a person or people can’t be something they are not capable because of circumstances imposed upon their molecular makeup. Science and biology will always prevail over facts and feelings. InnerKwest®

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