Roger Stone or John Shaft: Pick One

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February 2020

If I have to had pick the smoothest operator in this Trump deluge of characters compared to a John Shaft persona it would have to be Roger Stone. Roger has swag no matter what anyone else says. Whatever game he is in, he plays at the top, plays on the edge, and plays to win.

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He always said he would come out on top and it appears he knew what he was talking about. This present administration plays to win at all cost. Trump is re-affirming his loyalty to Stone for the other mobsters to see Trump’s got their back. In the picture to the right, please note Roger has his woman on his arm, a Bible in hand, and a gotcha smile. Stone is definitely living his best life.

The GOP get their marching orders real-time via Twitter and know what to do, when to do in sync. Beautiful set-up. The Republicans have order and a well defined chain of command. One other distinction: Blacks need not apply. They already have one too many with Ben Carson and he appears to be lethargic.

Trump tweeted the sentence for Roger was ridiculous and William Barr couldn’t get the toilet tissue to wipe the brown off his nose fast enough to intervene in the Stone sentencing. Again, when Trump tweets, over 8oo cabinet level and senate smartphones automatically display the tweet just like a national emergency alert, to receive the latest directive. While the majority of the country may not like his tweet directives, they are efficient and eliminates misunderstandings.

Democrats are so fragmented and disloyal to one another, the Republicans acknowledge those weaknesses to exploit and advance their agenda, AKA Trump’s agenda. Some Democrats are DINOs (Democrats In Name Only). The scatter-minded Democratic party allows Roger Stone to be the cool operator he continues to show the world and fellow mobsters he can strut.

We knew Trumps new bravado from the fake acquittal proceeding would be manifested with all types of continuous improprieties, so let’s not pretend to be surprised. Just know if he remains in office you and I “ain’t seen nothing yet”. In other words there will be no excuses if you don’t vote. James Frasure's InnerKwest®

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