DeSantis Hits of Disrespect Just Keep Coming

By James C. Frasure III – InnerKwest

Can DeSantis and the Florida GOP make their feelings about African-Americans more succinct? No!

The hits of disrespect and disregard continue to be flung as Florida Governor DeSantis again minimalizes African-Americans by downplaying a “warning” about certain groups (African-Americans) traveling to Florida.

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The buying power of African-Americans are continually taken for granted by the show of disregard of how they are treated and referenced.

Florida, Texas and other states have made a concerted effort to mute and obliviate the African-American experience in America by legislating the true history of America out of the classroom.

African-Americans’ legacy response is always from weakness because of the unwillingness to deprive corporations and municipalities monetary/political capital.

The African-American bloodline is diluted to the point African-Americans in Generation X, Millennials, Generation Z and Gen Alpha seem removed from their historical realities. They seem unable to factor their ancestral roots juxtaposed to their present day American life experience.

These newest generations are preoccupied with the emasculation of Black men and sexual preference hype. These strategies are marketed and portrayed in media all the while the right-wing pass along their “racial” superiority teachings to their children to continue the legacy mental and monetary dominance over African-Americans by any means necessary.

African-Americans as a collective are still caught in a mindset of chasing their tails. The reality is that too many African-Americans find their plight and demise as “just the way it is”. They are understandably weary of being viscously assaulted, fighting and protesting. On the other side of the tracks, Jews don’t protest much and look what quality of life they experience. Why is that? InnerKwest®

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