Will Smith’s Hand Slap on Chris Rock Ignites Major Media Distraction

By James C. Frasure III – InnerKwest

The Will Smith, Chris Rock distraction is just that, a distraction from the real issues America notoriously chooses to ignore in a state of conscious denial. This is the perfect distraction for a massive cross-section of America to do some kind of small mind finger pointing. This same distractive mindset is shared and showcased with Lindsey Graham asking U.S. Supreme Court nominee, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, to identify her religion and whether she could fairly judge a Catholic. Lindsey Graham so eloquently illustrates to the world how stupid begets stupid along with his cadre of GOP bigots.

Too many people use any infraction a Black celebrity may have made as an attachment to all Black people’s character.

For those that try to attach Will’s reaction to every Black man, let’s use those same systemic parameters on the massive insurrectionist that literally traumatized most Americans. Some people still can’t fathom what happened January 6th with those wretched, demonic attempts to plunge our country into total chaos. They were actually hunting down lawmakers and openly defecating on furniture. Now, can we assign the insurrection to all white people including Donald Trump and Ginni Thomas (Justice Clarence Thomas’s wife) ?

Some years ago my wife and I along with two other celebrity acquaintances were eating a late dinner at B Smith’s restaurant in New York with B Smith herself in attendance at our table when Chis Rock and his entourage passed our table.

I looked up to see him and Chris says to me, “What you looking at motherfucker?” I, in return stood up to him at my wife’s dismay and said “I’m looking at you motherfucker” and with that he walked his little ass on down the isle of tables.


Was it appropriate for Chris to verbally accost someone (me) he didn’t know, especially when that person (me) could have possibly mop the floor with him? You be the judge.

Two rich Black men with what is an apparent shaky history should not be the talk of a country that maintains a steady issuance of police brutality on the heads of Blacks everyday while a ex-president shamelessly takes the side of a Nazi-patterned Russian president killing Ukraine children as I speak.


Two wrongs do not make a right, but Will Smith put into action what rappers talk about all the time, except he actuated those toxic lyrics on stage in front of millions for all to experience.

Let’s be honest. Chris had a wide variety of other people he could have referenced experiencing physical ailments and maladies, but he chose to attempt to extract humor from Jada’s current physical challenge. Black actors and comedians know they are on a tight leash that will not tolerate talking about their white contemporary’s spouse and children ailments as joke material.
Will Smith put in action what Tyler Perry’s Madea said in the latest movie “Home Coming”, which was: “You got the wrong nigga”.

James Frasure

Other celebrities weighing in are talking about they were and still feel traumatized about Will’s actions.

Do they retain the same traumatic feelings on the Ukrainian mother holding the lifeless body of her child bombed by Putin soldiers? How does this most recent Hollywood episode trump what Black people should really be concerned about such as: voting rights, Blacks still not voting in impactful voting blocks, Republicans not voting for the latest Supreme court nominee and the list goes on of more truly news worthy items other than “Will Smith Slaps Chris Rock.”

Here is one last tidbit of what should be alarming and possible concussive news, which is Trump still believes he can run in 2024. Now that would be trauma drama. InnerKwest®


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