Black Business Patronage: Repeat Business Loyalty

Black businesses need loyal support with repeat business from a customer base. It is common for a McDonalds customer to make purchases 5 out of 7 days a week. Black business require that same purchasing loyalty from its customers.

The phrases I deserve your business or build it and they will come, when viewed seem worthy, but from a Black business perspective those phrases carry many hypocritical factors.

I Deserve Your Business

Let’s be honest and straight to the point. All non-Black businesses believe they deserve Black patronage to it’s fullest extent. They bank on Black people buying their wares. Immigrants and other non-Black product and service providers set up shop in the core of the Black community. They experience great fortunes derived from the Black dollar.

Build it and They Will Come

The suggestion “build it and they will come” imperative is true again of the Black dollar spent outside the Black community.

One major fact is the dominate presence of non-Black businesses in Black communities. Normally non-Blacks do not buy with the same zeal as Black purchases to non-Black enterprises.

Until Blacks find the same or more persistence patronizing people that look like them, the Black dollar will continue to be taken for granted. An occasional token gift from non-Black businesses is accepted with gratitude, when in reality, Blacks must be cognizant that their dollars must remain in Black business coffers.

Capital Re-Direction Mandate

Capital re-direction mandates, is in part, fuel for engines driving wealth transfer outcomes. When Black people redirect their spending capital to empower Black owned businesses, it automatically denies outside economies and non-Black businesses projectable monetary/asset accumulation.

Strategies redirecting cash-flow and asset transfer, directly or in-directly, away from people and companies that denigrate, impede, destroy, and demote Black business must be adopted as “rule of thumb” or fundamental. Those newly mandated redirection practices’ facilitate safety and economic vibrancy for African American communities.

In order for Black business to diversity and compete in product offering and innovation, Black patrons must buy Black on a consistent basis. Business ownership is essential to stabilize and secure Black communities.InnerKwest®


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