Dorothy Scroggins

Dorothy “Dot” Counts-Scoggins

A tribute to Dorothy “Dot” Counts-Scoggins. An American civil rights pioneer, and one of the first black students admitted to the Harry Harding High School lest we forget.

Violence erupted in other cities where black students tried to enter all-white schools. Events such as these were part of a long struggle for equality, called civil rights. Counts’ family was concerned for her safety and sent her to Pennsylvania to finish high school. Today, Dorothy Counts Scoggins lives in Charlotte.

Such courage at an early age by this lady illustrates the veracity she projected along with her impeccable intellect.

Her display helping shape history is what the newly constructed “critical race theory” distractors don’t want remembered or chronicled. She continues to be a valiant force in the fight for justice for African Americans.InnerKwest®
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