Pandemic Reveals America’s Class Divide Is Systemically Covert

An Eat The Meat, Spit Out the Bones Series.James Frasure's InnerKwest®

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April 12, 2020 PM

There is talk aplenty about the flattening of the pandemic curve. The projections are all over the place, just as the arrival dates of the stimulus checks.

We will not be tempted into relegating InnerKwest as a source of conspiracy theories, unless there is sufficient evidence such a the Oliver North, Contra era and the Tuskegee syphilis experiment .

On the other hand, one of the objectives of InnerKwest is to be a vanguard on issues affecting African-Americans and the community at-large.

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State of emergencies always rearrange, reconstruct, and reveal who has the advantages in society adversely impacting others. The coronavirus (COVID-19) has revealed gaping class disparities in the fabric of America’s social construct. The gaps in the fabric is now filtering life, liberty, and for others death.

I know individuals that paid $5k and $10k to attend Superbowl#LIV , yet they can’t get a test as all the NFL and NBA players speedily received.

The African-American community is disproportionately contracting the virus, with many not surviving.

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Trump has white nationalist on his staff and Trump himself is notably bias on many race related issues. Should anyone be surprised at the toll African-Americans are experiencing from New York to Chicago to New Orleans? No! Trump’s presidential legacy will come close to resemble Woodrow Wilson’s checkered past when referencing purported “race relations”

Here’s how William Keylor, professor of history and international relations at Boston University, describes the atmosphere in government when Wilson took office in 1913:

Washington was a rigidly segregated town–except for federal government agencies. They had been integrated during the post-war Reconstruction period, enabling African Americans to obtain federal jobs and work side by side with whites in government agencies. Wilson promptly authorized members of his cabinet to reverse this long-standing policy of racial integration in the federal civil service.

Government Executive


When hurricane Katrina hit and exited New Orleans, there was talk of not restoring the black sections. Hurricane victims were scattered throughout America as refugees. The elitists in and outside New Orleans viewed the hurricane as a chance to turn NOLA into an exclusively white haven. 30% of black people that left have not returned. Read More About Post KATRINA Recovery.


The alt-right and other white extremist don’t mind the collateral damage, just as long Blacks are significantly reduced in bulk once again. Bare in mind lynching was instituted to dilute the number of freed blacks, because whites were outnumbered. Now some are calculating the same result with the advent of COVID-19, but for other strategic, ulterior motives.

The modern day progressive African-American may think the aforementioned is a repugnant thought, thus unthinkable, but slavery was an epic travesty to humanity with heavy residuals still challenging modern day America.

COVID-19 has changed American society. Collectively the United States must change the way it does business along with public policy founded in biased ideologies. Coronavirus crosses boundaries and ravages communities with fierce impunity. With the human toll stacking up, all sectors must honestly and earnestly find itself #committedtogether, requiring all hands on deck to narrow the pandemic’s girth.James Frasure's InnerKwest®

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