Trumptosis Has Just Begun: A Grim Assessment

By James C. Frasure III – InnerKwest

January 2020

Trumpatosis is the lasting known unknown lingering symptoms of Trumpism.

America must come to grips with the reality of the Republican Party has by and large become an authoritarian party. It’s an anti-Democratic force in America.

Recent insurrection is primarily about race, as the Southern Manifesto illustrates. Additionally, the politics of white grievance is the sustaining fuel for Donald Trump’s appeal to an identified section of America.

Donald Trump didn’t make people racist, he made it socially acceptable to be racist.

The Republican party re-enforced sanctioning the suppression of the Black vote. African Americans had better understand the necessity of unifying as a solid block of power and influence.

The insurrection critical mass event was the warning shot that will engage African Americans on various levels in the upcoming days, months, and years.InnerKwest®

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