Capital Rioters Sentencing and Fines are Suspiciously and Undeniably Lenient

By James C. Frasure III – InnerKwest

Riot participants of the January 6th insurrection are being emboldened to try again to challenge the rule of law and Democracy itself with the light sentencing and fines now being granted by federal judges.

The biased punishment for forcefully breaking into the Capital building and searching for members of congress to adjudicate mob justice is fuel to encourage future Capital Hill terroristic theaters of aggression.

WAPO Headline:

Judge asks why Capitol rioters are paying just $1.5 million for attack, while U.S. taxpayers will pay more than $500 million.

THE HILL Headline:

Judge asks why restitution in Capitol riot cases is capped.
A federal judge asked prosecutors why Capitol riot defendants are only being asked to pay up to $1.5 million in restitution while American taxpayers are stuck with covering hundreds of millions of dollars more in costs. READ MORE AT THE HILL


Replacing ‘the will of the people’ with ‘the will of the mob’

Time and time again, judges have made the point that the defendants were not ransacking just any federal building, nor was it a typical proceeding that they were disrupting.

What they were able to interrupt was “a critical function required by the US Constitution for a peaceful transition of power in our democracy,” as DCChief Judge Beryl Howell put at a February 23 hearing with aProud Boys member.

At his August 4 sentencing, Jackson said that Dresch, who pleaded guilty to illegally demonstrating in the Capitol, was an “enthusiastic participant” in an effort “to subvert democracy, to stop the will of the people and replace it with the will of the mob”.

Moss, a nominee of President Barack Obama, said that the attack “threatened not only the security of the Capitol, but democracy itself,” as he sentenced Paul Hodgkins, a rioter who pleaded guilty to obstructing an official proceeding.

Would a Black organization or Black persons experience the same legal considerations in the prosecution of insurrection on the People’s Capital? InnerKwest®

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