Confederate State Gatekeeper says Looters Should be Shot

Missouri state lawmaker sparks backlash by tweeting ‘looters deserve to be shot’

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May 30, 2020 PM

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“Looters deserve to be shot. But not by government. #2A” state Rep. Tony Lovasco (R) wrote on Friday afternoon, referring to the Second Amendment.

“Looters deserve to be shot. But not by government. #2A”

Rep. Tony Lovasco (R)

Lovasco’s tweet came amid massive protests raging across the country following the police-involved death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man, in Minneapolis.

Looters Deserve to be shot,
says Rep. Tony Lovasco(R)

Twitter has since taken down the tweet for violating its guidelines but screenshots began circulating on social media.

My question to Trump, Tony Lovasco, and all justice seekers is who shall restore the riot destruction of black communities and mass murder of blacks in the previous century of WHITE RIOTS? These recent events pale in contrast to the white riots and burning of black neighborhoods and black bodies.

It is apparent Trump, Lovasco, and many others seek justice when the demand for the justice reflex is triggered. I am sure no one wants violence targeted on anyone without just cause. Right?

Instead, America has reversed course to correct past moral indiscretions negatively impacting an enormous cross-section of the African-American community. White riots and terrorism has been America’s choice of tooling in attempts to plunge black people back “In Their Place”. A myriad of tactical double standards and trough of broad spectrum targeted tactics has stagnated growth in the African-American collective.

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