Survival of the Fittest: Will Tempting Allure Of Good Times and “Vanity Sanity” Trump Survival Instincts?

By James C. Frasure III – InnerKwest

Survival instincts are triggered reflex responses from most mentally healthy human-beings endowed with self esteem. Pandemic containment requires restraint and discipline to self-quarantine, thereby reducing the possibility of spreading the contagion.

Many people can’t quarantine because of their occupation. Many low income jobs don’t have a capability to do tasks remotely. Fast food, hardware providers, grocery stores, and gas stations remain open. Other job descriptions requiring essential interaction include: police, fire-fighters, healthcare professionals, utility workers, construction, city maintenance crews, and more.

Governors of several states are gambling with lives that do not reflect their family’s socioeconomic status and ethnicity. Survival of the fittest is now in-play. Some are even whispering this is a good time to implement phase one of a ‘non-existent’ eugenics plan.

A perfect storm is approaching. The stimulus checks have started crediting bank accounts with at least $1200.00. Households of moderate to low income are eager to engage Amazon, Walmart, or activities outside their ‘shelter’. Hair salons and barbershops are poised to be overwhelmed 24/7 365. Club venues, churches, movie theaters, and event promoters are lobbying cities/states for favorable (profitable) attendee capacity ordinances.

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Generation X, Xennials, and Millennials have stories handed down from the Baby-Boomers to give them wisdom and perspective. Wisdom should be gained from handed down storytelling resulting from past experiences being factored into present-day decision making and critical thinking.

Wisdom should be highly regarded as “knowledge, and the capacity to make due use of it.” Receiving wisdom gives the advantage of not repeating or repeating something for undeserved benefits.

Black Millennials and younger are injured and dying at unprecedented rates. The reasons for this phenomenon are many of which will not be explored in this writing, but topics for future articles.

Survival of the fittest
Survival of the Fittest

The coronavirus pandemic has opened up an era that will challenge African-American’s collective-will and tensiled-instinct to survive.

Bioethicists are questioning why reopening states are content with killing more black people.

There’s a long history of medicine and government choosing “who shall live” in the name of science and economics. The younger black generation and maybe some baby-boomers are blind to the fact there are mindsets in government and citizenry which prefer blacks not be fully recognized as American citizens’. Recent uprisings in a St. Louis suburb, which precipitated the riots in Ferguson Missouri, illustrate the disparaging quality-of-life dualities and municipal in-justice.

Ferguson Missouri blacks in 2020 continue to be burdened with gross social and economic inequities imposed by a historically confederate, mid-western part of the country.

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There are hate groups and militias lurking, observing the unwillingness of many people not being proactive in protecting themselves against exposure of a highly infectious virus which carries the name COVID-19.

Case and Point: A house party in Chicago was seen bursting at the seams with lock down, flouting revelers. The home in the west side of the city reportedly saw 1,000 party attendees. That party attendees are now experiencing an infection cascading spread effect.

It is overwhelmingly apparent there are many in this country that will choose economics over life itself. And it is very evident people on the low end of the economy are at risk of exposure, resulting in death attributable to this current global pandemic.

Yet again we find ourselves in a ‘Survival of the Fittest’ scenario. Will the allure of good times and “vanity sanity” Trump survival instincts?

Once again InnerKwest™ is sounding an alarm, especially to black people, ‘Don’t Fall for the Okey Dokey’. Politicians are playing petri dish politics establishing baseline re-open stats on the backs of blacks.James Frasure's InnerKwest®

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