Curtains Up Saga: August Election Days Count Down

As the American people get closer to the day of major decisions all of the characters in this election theater are busy constructing and simultaneously destroying the American Democracy.

Trump has become more ruthless in his efforts to steal the election face to face in front of the American voters.

His GOP cohorts continue to follow his felonious lead with some apparent assurances they will escape the wrath of the United States legal system.

Steve Bannon has been indicted on serious charges that implicate Barr and other Trump accomplices. With all that’s going on, everyone involved seem undeterred.

The installment of one of President Trump’s financial backers and a longtime Republican donor Louis DeJoy, as the postmaster general is raising concerns among Democrats and ethics watchdogs that the Postal Service will be politicized at a time when states are mobilizing their vote-by-mail efforts ahead of the 2020 election.

The post office scandal is just that, a pure scandal created to suppress the vote and possibly lead the way to privatization of an agency that was created never to be a separate corporation.


The conflicts of interest in the Trump administration are too numerous to itemize. but many people speaking on the RNC convention roster are convicts or drug offenders.

The question now posed to the American people, is whether the corruption is too broad and deep to effectively rein in for adjudication.

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Trump has drawn a line in the sand for white Christians to admit and act out their self-anointment of human superiority. Black people attempting to assimilate into the greater society through a white church have been put on notice, Black Lives Don’t Matter as Much as Whites.

There is so much to digest and so little time to examine. That is what some of the actors are betting. InnerKwest®

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