Black People: Take This Point in Time Seriously

In the first presidential debate Trump would not renounce white supremacy and white militia aggression.

When pressed by the debate moderator, Trump in no uncertain terms said for racist groups to “stand back and stand by”. That is the slogan of the Proud Boys militia, which further confirms Trump knows that particular mantra and to whom it belongs.

Anytime the Commander and Chief signals to white armed militia, KKK, alt-right Christians and every other faction that opposes the existence of Black life in America, Black people had better take those passive signals serious.

Trump tells Proud Boys: ‘Stand back and stand by’

The Proud Boys and other militia groups celebrated Trump as he made his dog whistle for his core to be essentially on standby for further instructions.

For those hesitant to acknowledge the reality of circumstances currently confronting America, go steal away and anxiously pray to stabilize a false sense of assimilation security. Then arise and stay out of the way. A highly motivated, surging movement apparatus is in motion.


Black people are being forced to unite, because unity is the only way for true freedom. Black people must be equity holders in every realm of American society or continue to be hyper sensitive to every nuance of voting.

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Voting will not lead groups to the promise land. Every American should exercise their right to vote, but again voting is very limiting on what can be achieved solely by voting. Voting only installs temporary change. Equity on the other hand is permanent to its holders.

Since white supremacy is prevalent throughout the American fabric, the question has to asked on how much capital spent by Blacks trickle down to adversaries such as the KKK, Boogaloo Boyz, Broud Boys, and other anti-Afrimetic (Anti-African American) organizations.


This first debate was what most anticipated placing this election as a stress test on the pillars of this Democratic Republic. Black people must be each others keeper as the opposing entities have been put on notice by the commander-and-chief to wait until further notice.

William Barr, Daniel Cameron, Pence, McConnell, David Duke, Ben Carson, Clarence Thomas, Franklin Graham, Brian Kemp, Rick Scott, and many others have stood by and assisted in amplifying racism and corruption throughout the halls American governance.

I will repeat: Black people had better take this point in time seriously, because your white constituents and some skin-folks will be voting Trump back in office drinking beer all-the-while LOL with you, at your Autumn HOA (Home Owners Association) neighborhood BBQ.InnerKwest®

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