There are plenty of reasons to vote, with one very important reason which is you life.

The “VOTE LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT” mantra is as real as COVID 19 taking the life of your friends and family. Everyone has been affected by the coronavirus either personally suffering with the contagion challenging your physical state being or seeing others battling for their life.

To add to the life threatening realities of just living is the president of the United States and his pee dripping GOP (Gang of Pussies) captives. This election is no longer about right or wrong, it is about policies for good results vs evil doer agendas.

In God we trust is no long applicable. While the messages from some pulpits is pray for the wicket for they shall answer to a higher authority, the evil doers are slaying the prayer warriors kneeling on the church pews.

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Did you know Martin Luther King’s mother was assassinated in church while playing the organ? Read About it Here.

The November election is approaching fast, so make sure those around you have secured their voting status. Even better, vote early as possible.


If any of our readers have doubts about voting, just remember people died and were persecuted for the right to vote. Voting has been a tool for change and continues to be an essential tool for change, otherwise the opposition would not be as focused on voter suppression.

Voting in a responsibility to participate in the governance process which touches every American’s life daily.

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So, make sure to vote without any hesitance. Do the right thing and exercise your rightful place in the Democratic process while it is still viable, because if you don’t, there are forces waiting to take that inalienable right away from the American society in a bat of an eye. Your and my eye.InnerKwest®

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