Jessica Krug Travels Two-Way Street of Cultural Appropriation.

Headline news on the 10 O’Clock television news was about a woman pretending to be a Black woman for over 20 years? Really? I would think being Black in America is also a spiritual experience, because of the different skin tones associated with blackness.

By no means is the Black collective homogeneous. Within the confines of America, most ethnic groups outwardly appear to carry similar physical attributes. Blacks bloodline on the other hand were systematically trampled resulting in what I label as the Jeffersonian effect.

I know Black men and women that jump back and forth across the racial line all the time, because they can take advantage of specific scenarios that they otherwise may not be privy.

She appears Black to me and from the evidence thus far, she has promoted Black Lives Matter more pointedly than a lot of Black people. Please keep in mind there are Blacks if given a choice, would prefer not to be Black, especially in America. It is very stressful being Black in America and stress kills. Many whites are depending on that eventual prognosis.

I look at it as a form of flattery, not headline news. The Breonna Taylor murder still without charges is headline news. Anyone abandoning their privileged Jewish upbringing in Kansas City to embrace what many would reference as a “nigga woman” must find something intrinsically valuable with being Black.

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I don’t find it news worthy in 2020. I really find the amazement and the critical review as slap-stick racist by the TV producers that headline such trivia. Black women culturally appropriate daily by straightening their hair to have a European texture, plus they apply skin makeup and chemicals which lighten their skin color and the list goes on.

Black Impostor?

Maybe Ms. Krug could bring forth constructive and notable dialogue about race relations since she was afforded the best education a child could receive by attending the elite Barstow school in Kansas City. The tuition is approximately $20,595.00. Black people need that kind of influence in their “friends circle”.

Come on, please spare Black people and America of trumped up white media bullshit. James Brown, Smokey Robinson, The Temptations, Micheal Jackson, Johnny Mathis, Sam Cooke and the list goes on of tightly curled hair of Black people culturally appropriating white people and it didn’t make headline news then, nor should it now.

So what are they attempting to do? Intimidate her into not having a Black man’s baby? Hummm……speculative, but a valid possibility.InnerKwest®

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