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May 29, 2020 AM

Amy Klobuchar is being pushed as the top VP choice for Biden. She is touted by big media to be the most suited for the job. She didn’t prosecute one of the cops who killed George Floyd after a 2006 shooting. Also, I am not a pied piper voter. She has been revealed through this latest Minnesota shooting as going along with the racist status quo. If Biden wants the block of voters I intersect, he will take a black person as his VP. Any other strategic, sophisticated calculation will fall on deaf ears and I can hear a snake sliver in the grass. Many voters are not simply settling for less under any circumstance. Contrary to white controlled media, Amy Klobuchar is not best suited to address my voting block’s interest. She has already proved that. She is just another ambitious run of the mill female.


Fired MPD Officer Chauvin and Tou Thao Has Been Involved In Use-Of-Force Situations Before

Why is there a triple standard of applying the law is one of the major grievances citizens are up in arms about. When a white cop murders a black unarmed person they in all probability will run free, let alone be prosecuted. When a black officer kills a white person more than likely he or she will be arrested immediately, plus be convicted. And lastly if a black person survives arrest for a capital crime against a white person, they are arrested and charged immediately. Amy Klobuchar has been a double standard advocate and prosecutor upholding immediate arrest and charging of black people. READ MORE AND VIDEOS


Ms. Candance Owens in another piece of work that is accompanying Amy Klobuchar with her blatant insult to black people. This dark skinned black woman must be getting paid handsomely. Here is what she thinks about herself and her family, which appear to be black, unless she was adopted.

Candance Owens Right-Wing Advocate

” To be black, you instantly have to jump up like a fucking trained chimpanzee – excuse my language – like a trained chimpanzee every single time the media runs a story, and act angry, and riot, and talk about how pained you were to see this happen to black people, but keep your mouth shut, right, when it happens black-on-black because if you talk about the black-on-black crime, you’re a race traitor, right? “

Candance Owens on YouTube 5.26/2020

The Minneapolis riots are a reaction to a televised murder or purge of black life. George Floyd didn’t have gun or any other weapon on his person. The right wing media will of course do their job by minimizing what shocked the world, accompanied by the DA’s office reluctant in stating they lack evidence thus far. Here we go again telling me it’s raining while pissing on me face to face.


Don’t fall for the rhetoric that is starting to vacillate. With everything that is taking place such as COVID-19, TRUMP saga, strong hand law enforcement, stay settled mentally and spiritually. Pray while walking with your eyes wide open to what you are witnessing and expected to manage.

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