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May 31, 2020 AM

Cornell West, like any closely heard and referenced human-being has his good days and bad days. This video presented on InnerKwest™ represents one of his more relevant oratories on the present social volcanoes now erupting across America’s social landscapes.

As protests rage in Minneapolis, outside Trump’s White House, and U.S. cities nationwide—including Atlanta, Chicago, New York, Cleveland, and Oakland—West told CNN’s Anderson Cooper in an interview, “I think what we are witnessing America as a failed social experiment.”

As with any catchy lyric or soul piercing anthology, every word coming off Dr. West’s lips on this video deserves to be absorbed deep and integrated into everyone’s conscience of understanding.

This video is talking to each and every one of us. No matter what false sense of security you may be standing behind, every word from this “today prophet” in the vessel name Dr. Cornell West wrings with truth. Truth is where the buck stops. You can ignore it, candy coat, and deny it, but truth is impenetrable. It’s like lead. Lead is one of the only elements known to man that can contain nuclear materials. Why? Because lead is decayed uranium. In other words, again impenetrable. Think, be safe, then act.


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