Unity Origin Perspectives Tainted with Alt-Right Hypocrisies

By James C. Frasure III – InnerKwest

January 2020

Republicans believe the African American experience in America should allow a mindset giving Trump two weeks to prepare for impeachment defense.

As perspectives are sorted and prioritized, the MAGA perspective resurfaces for a look into the past from which to go back. Make America Great Again is referring to what point in time?

Pelosi earlier said she’ll send impeachment article ‘soon,’ which would trigger the start of the trial. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and his fellow GOP dangle the word unity with questionable intentions, especially when the insurrection was incited by their party leader.

Unity not McConnell’s Historical Trait

Mitch McConnell and his Republican cohorts in tow, are proven anti-unity legislators. Their racist ratifying actions are well documented from pre-Obama to present day actions and inactions.


McConnell cannot bleach the blood off his ReTrumplican hands. He has already threatened to obstruct the Biden agendas. They want time to past, figuring the insurrection after taste and poignant smell of such a horrible event, will start to lessen the real implications of what transpired and white privilege will take its course of programmed due diligence.

The events leading up to insurrection had all the underpinnings of anti-Black. At every convenient turn discussing white fragility, Black Lives Matter animus was a response trigger.

African American Unity Perspective

The African American perspective on unity is fleeting at best. How can there be American unity when Blacks are shot down by law enforcement without consequences? How can there be unity with modern day red-lining? How can there be unity when gentrification of decades old neighborhoods expel families in the name of developer greed?


How can there be unity when there remains a dual standard in healthcare? How can there be unity when government contracts to Black business is a rarity, especially when compared to immigrant businesses?

If Pelosi and Schumer keep in mind how the 2020 election was pushed over the top as a win because of Black turnout, wouldn’t giving way to Mitch McConnell’s false claim for unity be a betrayal to Black interests?

America Not United Since 1619

African Americans may not feel like pretending going back to the same old same old is an acceptable path to progress, because it’s not. What incentive is there to continue pandering to whites with a slave mentality?

OK, Kamala and other Blacks are in the Biden administration, but most, if not all, are overly qualified to be there. Remember, Trump and family was not qualified to hold federal office, but white privilege allowed them to add that electoral miscalculation to their portfolio for the sake of not having anything better with their time.

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As we start wading in time consuming, unequivocal rhetoric, understand that is exactly what African Americans are subjected, which is spending valuable life-time wasted on circle turning rhetoric.

Let’s not fall for that tactic. Again, lets “Find the ties that bind us as a people and be bound as a people from within”. We can’t continue tail chasing politics with Democrats or Republicans. We can chew bubble gum and build alliances at the same time. We must.InnerKwest®

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