White Supremacy Privilege Systems Lock and Load Balance Check

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June 30, 2020 PM

With any enterprise system, load checks must be made to insure the system is functioning at its optimal performance. Most systems have redundancy backups with remote location wares that guard against catastrophic failure.

The White Supremacy Privilege systems are checked hourly in America. Law enforcement has dual standards for black citizens, black and white officers. The governing class has dual system implications and the list of white supremacy sub systems has evolved into a synchronization linked throughout the fabric of Americana which has no rivals. It does not matter how large or small the active member, if it is white anointed there are privileges afforded the member.

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Case and point: Affluent lawyers Patty and Mark McCloskey, armed homeowners, greeted protesters marching through private property in their upscale neighborhood in St. Louis. The couple, Patty and Mark McCloskey who are both personal injury lawyers, shouted at the protesters to keep moving while brandishing a handgun and an AR-15.
They don’t mind pointing high powered weaponry at unarmed protesters. As with any gun wielding gun owner, they know drawing a weapon means you are ready, willing, and able to fire the weapon.
Also, when you draw a weapon any thing may occur intended or not. Never draw a weapon if you are not going to fire.
Shame on patty and Mark. They should know better. What if someone put their gun sights on them? Also, they should know better because of the profession they practice.

White supremacist indoctrination has falsely given them a bravado they should leave in the confines of their home and not as a means of public purview. I am willing to hedge they are contributing members of the Trump elite of St. Louis. With a propensity to point weapons at unarmed protesters, the only thing Black that matters to these two profiteers is the Black dollar.InnerKwest®

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