Stephen Miller

I Smell A Rat, You Dirty Rat

By James C. Frasure III – InnerKwest

January 2021

The misinformation strategy employed by Trump is not a strategy Trump has the aptitude to develop. I smell a anarchist rat by the name of Stephen Miller. Trump, rallied by Miller, project an authoritarian leaning which they both publicly embrace.

You dirty rat or I smell a rat can be attributed to Patrick Henry or a Bogart, Cagney movie. You choose. Patrick Henry, one of the founding fathers of the United States is said to have used the phrase “I smell a rat”.

Patrick Henry

In 1784, Henry was again elected governor of Virginia and served until 1786. He declined to attend the Constitutional Convention of 1787, reputedly saying that he “smelt a rat in Philadelphia, tending toward the monarchy.” Henry sought to sway his fellow Virginians against ratifying the U.S. Constitution. Also, Henry had a cubby of more than 67 slaves by the time of his death at age 63.

Taylor and Goebbels

Other Miller influences come to mind, which include Jared Taylor and Joseph Goebbels of the Nazi propaganda machine from 1933 to 1945.


Samuel Jared Taylor is an American white supremacist and editor of American Renaissance, an online magazine espousing such opinions, which was founded by Taylor in 1990. He is also the president of American Renaissance’s parent organization, New Century Foundation, through which many of his books have been published.
Again, Stephen Miller has referenced his agreeance with Taylors opinions on race time and again.

Stephen Miller
Stephen Miller

Although Stephen Miller has maneuvered thus far to hide his hand in the insurrection, everyone in Trumpland recognizes Miller’s pungent aroma unmistakably sprayed on every level of the current situation.InnerKwest®

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