Welcome Biden/Harris: African Americans Must Remain Vigilant

By James C. Frasure III – InnerKwest

Inaugural Day 2021

A majority of Americans are taking a sigh of relief with the departure of the Trump presidency from the executive branch of the United States Of America.

While we appreciate the moment with grandiose traditions of inaugural day, African Americans must remain vigilant to the decades old work in pursuit of inalienable rights which requires constant focus, momentum, and unrelenting UNITY.

The outgoing president only exposed American racism and made it socially acceptable to a large voter block.

The Republican Party has, by and large, become an authoritarian party. It’s an anti-Democratic force in America. The writing remains scribed on the wall the black vote was and remains a target of voter suppression agendas.

Power Block

The only path for true Black power in America will come through unification. Real power which controls destiny never has to be announced. The presence of real power emanates with elements that overshadows and influences direction.

Find the ties that bind us and then as a people be bound within.

James C. Frasure III

Real power is not sensitive to who is in the oval office. Whomever is voted president is aware who the power players, brokers, and power groups represent. Politicians fully understand which people and groups impact the GNP (Gross National Product) and heavily influence legislative direction on the political landscape. Always remember, this is America and America is a capitalistic society.

Real power is respected and approached with deliberate, consequential caution.

Black people must understand anything given to you can be taken away. Therefore, African Americans must create opportunities from within which build corridors generating perpetual sources of energy and sustenance.

Until America evolves to be less racist, African Americans must “Find the ties that bind us and then be bound within.” All of the internal structural differences must be identified, realized, and squelched.

Our country must re-energize efforts to make earnest strides which navigate towards a contemporary society with ageless principles, steering toward welcoming shorelines of the American dream for all.InnerKwest®

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