“Planet-Killer” Asteroid Trajectory Path: “Planet Trump”

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April 30, 2020 AM

Planet Trump is in the trajectory path of a killer asteroid. At the beginning of the Trump campaign Donald didn’t believe he was going to win. With literally nothing else to do with his time, a decision was made to at least have a presidential campaign as a notation on his legacy. Many financial experts question Trump’s purported status as a multi-billionaire such as Mike Bloomberg.
Bloomberg spent $1B on a failed run for the office of president.

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What happens next Donald did not believe himself. He had bankrupted several businesses, he maintains a swank Boeing 767, has TV shows, and is a principle in various media projects. He could grab women by their pussy’s with no noticeable fallout. He has money, not as much as he claims, but he has enough to rise above the smog. Between Deutsche Bank and the Russians he can be in default with American banking institutions, yet obtain capital elsewhere.

He had no constructive reason to seek the presidency, because politicians in America by-and-large can be bought through PAC and lobby influence. The presidency of the United States of America is an office held in high esteem throughout the world. America formerly cast an image as a peace broker and a super-power not to be taken lightly.

Archaic colonialist ideologies held by racist, aged white men like Trump, McConnell, and constituents have jettisoned away a high regard now re-defined as post-American principles. Presently America can be viewed as a hypocritical, encrusted in subterfuge, former world leader driven by fake news.

Trump, his dad, and grandfather had tendencies to be thuggish, with ties to organizations in America and Europe with wayward morals and criminal tendencies.

The latest signals of Trumps’s low watt aptitude, plus noticeable mental fatigue spotlights his bi-polar politics and supposed sarcasm voiced during one of the most challenging eras’ in world history.

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Trump’s gaping unpreparedness for this pandemic has revealed his aptitude to lead a country. He sometimes appears to be that proverbial deer in the headlights. His policy commentary is more of a political rally. He has run for president everyday since inauguration. His primitive reaction is always to divide. Any other strategy would overwhelm his capacity for critical thinking.

Instead of advocating for an open, contemporary society in step with ageless democratic principles, Trump and his politicos expend energy dividing the country. Archaic colonialist ideologies held by racist, aged white men like Trump, McConnell, and political sheep represent constituents and entities which threaten to deflate America’s image as a world leader.

His thuggish ways prior to being president is what he and his total administration have successfully kept behind steel doors and muted lips. Contemptuous, criminal acts can be deeply hidden through off-shore shell companies and a spectrum of instruments a good actuary and squadron of capable attorneys can erect.

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Presently, the GOP and foreign governments are prepared to do whatever is necessary to keep Donald in office, because they can see the prospects of a “Killer-Planet” trajectory path to “Planet-Trump”. November elections are growing nigh. The velocity and heat of a asteroid hit is making certain people aware of its potential for ruinous concussions. With Trump’s political hallmark being betrayal, treasonous suspicions, constant lying, and moral degradation, political fallout will dust-up wide and far.

At present, new White House chief of staff Mark Meadows has executed a makeover of President Trump’s communications team. The president said he was being sarcastic when telling people that liquid cleansers and ultr-violet light may serve as a cure for coronavirus. When his under-educated and uneducated voters began ingesting those toxic surface cleaners, the country knew something more than a sarcastic prescription was amiss.

Trump and his politicos expend high energy dividing the country. Meaningful efforts advocating for an contemporary open society with ageless democratic principles are objectives of great American leaders of which Trump is oblivious.


The day after effect of a direct hit from this political asteroid will have politicians and governments scrambling for cover from the fall-out. Possible international tribunals and domestic investigations will unveil what previously had been considered sacred. Political channels previously under the radar for decades may finally be unearthed.

Trump and his handlers should have never been placed in a position of such sensitivity and power, because now this presidency appears shaky. There is valid cause for apprehension of what will follow a post-Trump rein.
The justice bloodhounds will continue to hunt long after the dust settles from a possible Planet-Killer” Asteroid hit on “Planet Trump”. James Frasure's InnerKwest®

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