Bi-Polar Politics on World Stage Again, Starring DJ Trump

An Eat The Meat, Spit Out the Bones Series.James Frasure's InnerKwest®

By James C. Frasure III – InnerKwest

With major events pressing the country, bi-polar politics is manifesting in the political spirit of Donald Trump. Questions must be posed asking if he is quietly being medicated without the knowledge of the American people. That would explain his about face on policy after policy.

As the headline suggests, Trump is practicing a bi-polar (two-faced) style of politics. Trump breaks with his own guidelines to back conservative anti-quarantine protesters. He exclaims to Michigan, Virginia, and Minnesota to ‘LIBERATE’ from the stay-at-home-orders. The reason to stay at home is to flatten the virus contagion curve.

I submit Trump is under unrelenting stress about numerous issues pertaining to his presidency. Also the added weight of the coronavirus is tipping his mental stability.

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He has accurately calculated he will be behind bars if he looses this election. Therefore any and all distractions and infractions will be deployed. He only cares about his own hide and no one else. READ MORE

To tell groups of gun toting, wannabe Rambos’ to liberate is reckless and irresponsible at the very least. What if his ‘LIBERATE’ ranting result in a melee with law enforcement or is that an exclusive scenario for black gun carriers?

View this latest political movement however you will, but know this is about the November election. He saw an opportunity to stir the base kettle with dumb foolery and decided there is no better time than now to play off fear-based emotion.


Trump remains adamant in his refusal to denounce white supremacist marchers who gathered in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2017 for a “Unite the Right” rally where a counter-protester was killed. These latest rallies resemble the same semblance of hate based confrontation.James Frasure's InnerKwest®

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