It’s Official: The United States is a Republican Nation

By James C. Frasure III – InnerKwest

The November 2 elections across America show the country as officially a Republican party nation. The Democrats are message impotent, especially when voicing and implementing vital quality of life issues as they pertain to African Americans.

Democrats within the party have Republican favored agendas with the most outspoken disruptive being Manchin and Sinema.

Black voters are the target of both party’s to mute, covertly and overtly. The Biden, Harris ticket is failing the Black voter, just as previous administrations.

Instead of acknowledging specifically Black voters, Biden attempts back door approaches as not to precipitate white-lash. Pelosi and crew are too predisposed on taking crypto-currency traders in the infrastructure bill, not realizing these retail traders are overwhelmingly Black and this might be the only way for them to execute narrowing the horrendous wealth gap Blacks have been trapped for over 401 years.

If Biden does not rethink his strategy the Democrat party is doomed back to minority and Blacks will jump ship. For Democrats it may be too little too late.

Blacks need to join the Republican and go back to their political roots. The only way to strategically counter punch the the GOP is to infiltrate the structure by becoming a member, thus part of the structure.


Non-Black Democrats simply do not possess the moral fortitude to do right by African Americans, because they too are the beneficiaries of white privileges’.

If African Americans continue to rely on the voting process to redeem them and whites continue to place major road blocks in the voting apparatus, Blacks will continue to be bludgeoned by the system. InnerKwest®

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