Obama’s 2014 Warning on Pandemic Preparedness, Trump’s 2018 Dismantling of Pandemic Preparedness.

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With Trump, Mitch McConnell and crew predisposed dismantling any and everything Obama, they allowed the safety and welfare of the country to lay vulnerable to their racist actions and inaction. Trump’s relentless focus is his re-election by any means necessary.

The Trump administration declined to use a nearly 70-page pandemic preparedness playbook created by the National Security Council’s health unit during the Obama administration in favor of other preparation materials.

The playbook, devised in 2016 and finalized in 2017 both by top political appointees and career national security officials in the wake of the 2014-15 Ebola crisis, sought to lay the groundwork for a seamless and coordinated response to avoid confusion and conflicting messages from federal officials. 

The playbook anticipated and gave instructions for federal officials to prepare for many of the same roadblocks the Trump administration now faces in coordinating a response to the COVID-19 outbreak, including lack of testing and persistent shortages of medical equipment and personal protective equipment for healthcare workers. 

There is blame to be exacted for the state of preparedness for the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and that blame lands squarely on Trump’s watch and his administration. The constant political rallies and on-going golfing junkets took precedence over the health and welfare of the American people. The seriousness taken of the oath of office to which the Senate and the current President pledged is now apparent for the world to see without need of interpretation.

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Voting biased ideology and not interest remains a flawed voting qualifier. Rural America voted for Trump which now lay ruined in public education, agricultural output, and healthcare access. COVID-19 has lanced open the wound scab of flawed, ill-conceived, contemptuous policies which now have started to metastasis. Political constituents and trolls targeted to benefit from Trump and GOP underhanded undertakings are also experiencing “grave” consequences.

If the people do not vote this administration and its cohorts out, America will witness additional or repetitive sector collapses struggling to rebuild in successive time-frames.James Frasure's InnerKwest®

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