Trump Putin

Trump, Putin: Ride and Die Partners

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December 21, 2019 AM

Trump Putin

As the title references to Trump and Putin’s relationship, it is strange and alarming at the same breath. I know Trump’s family origins start in Europe and Russia is part of Europe, but this is still hard to digest for most that love America. Trump verbally sometimes passively rebukes Russia, but his aura toward Putin and Russia suggests quite the opposite. Let’s remember that after WWII, Russia and Germany were strange bedfellows. There was the Secret Hitler-Stalin Pact. Now we are witnessing some type of Secret Trump-Putin Pact.

“It’s unlikely they will want to remove their party member from office based on what are, in my opinion, completely fabricated reasons.”

Vladimir Putin

Many are starting to theorize Trump’s taxes need to be robustly protected from the public eye. There must be numerous deep state characters implicated in the theater of his unscrupulous business gamut.


Never before have we experienced an open Russian operative, which vowed the destruction of America, allowed to snuggle up and be factored in from the executive branch. Trump, McConnell, and other GOP members should be investigated for treason. It appears our executive branch, DOJ, and the Senate has been highly compromised. James Frasure's InnerKwest®


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