Seven of “His” Mighty Servants Succumb to COVID-19 Complications

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April 5, 2020 PM

Update: April 14, 2020 – Since the original publishing date, it has been reported to the writer several other COGIC clergy have fell victim to COVID-19. Their names will be forthcoming.

The Historic First Jurisdiction of Michigan has lost seven COGIC (Church of God In Christ) stewards to complications brought on by the coronavirus.

Excerpt From Historic First Jurisdiction of Michigan

God, who is omnipotent and omniscient, has summoned seven of His servants to eternal rest over the past several weeks. It is with heartfelt sorrow that we acknowledge the transition of our
First & Second Administrative Assistants

Administrative Assistant Kevelin B. Jones, Sr., Superintendent Leon R. McPherson, Sr., Superintendent Myron E. Lett,  Superintendent Paul E. Hester, Sr. and Superintendent John D. Beverly

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During the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic resulting in local and state restrictions on public gatherings to achieve social distancing, the Smith family will hold a private memorial service for this valiant soldier of the Gospel. When the restrictions are lifted, a date will be set for a Jurisdictional Memorial Service that will appropriately recognize the godly life and notable achievements of Bishop Robert Earl Smith, Sr.

Noted is the number 7 in the title of this post. The number seven is one of the most significant numbers of the Bible, because it is the number of spiritual perfection. It is the number which is stamped on every work of God. … Be it physics, chemistry or music we can see they are all based on this number of God’s work.

Covering Quality of Life Issues Affecting
African-Americans and the Culture

Whenever a large swath of earth bound disciples are taken within a narrow time-frame, most notably 7 stewards, it should give great pause. I will not endeavor to seek an explanation which renders a hermeneutical translation. I am sure my affiliate Bible scholars and spiritual acquaintances are stunned by theses great losses, yet intrigued to petition prayerfully for understanding.

This thought provoking, heaven bound ascension, challenges theological minds in search of an ecclesiastical understanding and rightfully so.

For those that embrace their spiritual being, spiritual grooming, and a spiritually immersive dimension, there is a revelation to be redeemed. These profound occurrences stand out as another indelible mark in time. The writer is sure these men of God will be mightily missed by many.James Frasure's InnerKwest®

Source: Historic First Jurisdiction of Michigan

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