Goodell Attempt at Being Good to All

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June 2020

Recent social unrest appear to have put fire under the conscience of NFL president; Roger Stokoe Goodell. Strange how the media is portraying him as “siding with the players”. Under careful review I found the players to be “ESSENTIAL” to the game all along. Not Donald Trump’s divisive edicts.

Maybe the major media outlets are obliged to paint as favorable a picture they can since the NFL pays hundreds of millions yearly to those monopolies.

Now let’s get to the big questions. Since Goodell’s foot is in his mouth, is the NFL also ready to give Colin Kaepernick a fair shake at being a football player? Colin was demanding justice as are the George Floyd protesters. The protesters are demanding justice after witnessing a televised public purging of life from Mr. Floyd as the world gasped in squelching horror.

Roger Goodell along with his third party pro football policy influencer buddy, Donald Trump, literally held a symbolic noose to the heads of the NFL players, by conjuring up a righteous indignation narrative about patriotism. The narrative at the time was about kneeling in PROTEST about racial injustice and police brutality. Colin’s silent protest was met with unequivocal comparatives. Trump forced Goodell to go against doing the moral and right thing to do. That same divisive trait is a hallmark in the Trump administration as everyone has become very familiar.

The racist Trump and his under-educated/non-educated voting block did not want to be challenged by a very black Colin Kaepernick. So, Goodell hung the noose threat of contractual obligations over the players’ neck, threatening to stop the flow of money to their jugular pockets. The symbolism between Goodell and Derek Chauvin correlates as to a Colin Kaepernick and George Floyd epilogue. One lost his life at the hands of another and the other lost his career life through the hands of several men. Seems as though someone always want to choke black men, either at the job or on the streets.

George Floyd’s demise can’t be resurrected unless Jesus returns today, but on the other hand knee, Kaepernick can be reinstated and put to work. It took a week of fiery protest to get a white privileged man named Goodell to see the error of his ways. NOW that he has admitted his blatant failure to stand up to make the right decisions THEN, what is he gonna do NOW? InnerKwest®

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