WittYou Technologies Incorporated is the developer of digital media platforms which symbolizes a New Pathway Affirmation Group of social media platforms. WittYou acknowledges the vital necessity of ownership in the African American business and technology sectors. African Americans have helped build every economy other than the immediate economics of which it is composed. The world is watching to see if Blacks are truly ready to come into their own.

The social media platforms launched by WittYou are,, and All three platforms compliment each other by design. The will and perspective of the African American consciousness will be on display globally with the deployment of platforms owned by Blacks.  The WittYou platform corporate culture includes its users opinion in the development of policy. The 750k users will be asked to participate in polls to form a consensus on vital issues pertaining to content posted on the platform. WittYou extends itself as a community contributory asset.

Personalities and Politicians are Leaving Twitter and Facebook

No matter their reason for leaving the legacy social media platforms, high-profile personalities are abandoning their account and taking their influence elsewhere. Facebook and Twitter were not the first social media platforms, but they were successful getting the message out to the youth at college.
Mark Zuckerberg unabashedly announces him being a Jew and his allegiances to Jewish causes and institutions.
African Americans and Blacks in general should take a cue from Mark and other cultures by supporting their own social media platforms such as : WillYou, Khaunda, Kwyknote and others.

Welcome to the WittYou™ Builders Coalition. WittYou™ is a fresh social media platform developed to be the conduit for positive change in every aspect of humanity. Although WittYou™ has been in the works prior to 2020, the cascading events of the first half of 2020 seemed compelling for the launch of this needed change in social media direction. Social media platforms historically have taken African American users for granted, just as the political system in America. The WittYou New Pathway Group of platforms changes all previous assumptions.

Registering on New Pathway Group platforms is akin to voting. Your vote counts as a sign to the world you support a social media platform that doesn’t require a hastag that distinguishes positions on issues that matter and impact most to African Americans, Blacks, and those that celebrate the culture. Register at, and

The volatile uprisings, provoked by the unwarranted killings of African Americans, triggered a Black Lives Matter movement call to action which spanned the globe. Our marketing team consulted with our software development side and both agreed WittYou™ was ready for an immediate world stage debut.

The present mainstream platforms are under constant interrogation before governmental bodies worldwide. The lack of competition has allowed these platforms to take on a myopic, monopolistic, and authoritarian styled modus operandi.

The creation of the Builders Coalition is purposed to introduce WittYou™ to the masses one person at a time. The coalition is comprised of ambassadors which advocate the use and endowment of WittYou™ as a platform and tool of change throughout the world. The coalition ambassadors advocate on a wide range of user utility from individuals to corporate and government entities.

The creators are not suggesting an exodus from the present mainstream platforms, but we are asking to be included in your social media platform usage line-up.

How To Become an Ambassador

To become a WittYou ambassador is simple and straight forward. First, make sure you are a user of WittYou. Next, ask people to use the platform. It’s that simple. Register at

Tell A Friend to Tell A Friend Campaign

Tell A Friend to Tell A Friend campaign is a call to action taking the message viral heralding the latest made by Us for Us entry into the social media mediascape.

WittYou® is an enormous effort to be consecrated as an asset-engine to the African American community and the Black global community alongside those that celebrate the culture. Please consider adding WittYou to your social media lineup. You now have an opportunity to impact your community through progressive dialogue and engagements on a platform developed by Us for Us.
Register, then Tell A Friend To Tell A Friend, To Tell A Friend…..Register at and join the movement to social media empowerment and  independence.
The first 100,000 users are designated as founding registrants. Special perks and other founding member merits are presently under review by our think tank and marketing team. Visit back here often for updates.InnerKwest®


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