Black Militia Confronted by White Paramilitary in Louisville

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July 25, 2020 PM

Shots fired as heavily-armed black militia members demanding the arrest of cops in Breonna Taylor’s death face off with Three Percenters paramilitary group in Louisville.

Three people were injured when gunshots rang out in Louisville as a black militia group carrying semiautomatic weapons and a far-right organization carrying heavy firearms came face-to-face during demonstrations on Saturday. 

According to local reports, an argument erupted between Black Lives Matter supporters and members of the far-right Three Percenters militia on the corner of Fifth and Jefferson Streets in Louisville on Saturday shortly after 1pm local time.

But the shooting took place a few blocks away in Baxter Park, where an estimated 200 armed members of the Atlanta-based ‘Not F*****g Around Coaltion’ had gathered before marching toward the main protest site in downtown.

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Louisville police have formed a barricade to separate the two opposing camps. 

According to the Louisville Courier Journal, a firearm appeared to have accidentally been discharged in the NFAC section in Baxter Park, resulting in two people being injured. 

WDRB-TV is reporting that three people, including a minor, were wounded. 

The Louisville Metro Police Department later confirmed that the shooting was a result of a firearm that accidentally discharged. The three wounded victims were rushed to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries.InnerKwest®

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