Texas Governor not Only Physically Challenged, but Mentally Challenged

Some people may take this as being as uncaring or harsh about a person with physical challenges, but Texas Governor Greg Abbott continues to show a dereliction of duty.

This governor claims Texas wants to secede from the union, but has extreme difficulty with its power grid among other major failures to the citizens of Texas.

Not only is he physically challenged, he is mentally challenged also. Seems to me a person in his position in life would have more empathy and humility, but he doesn’t, therefore I will show no empathy for his sorry excuse of human being either.

His latest show of mental degradation is what he did at the border with trucks inbound to the American supply chain. He was attempting to make Biden look bad by having every truck coming from Mexico go through a rigorous inspection. Trucks were stalled for miles trying to gain entry, all the while million of dollars in produce rotted adding to the inflation rate of Texas and the U.S. economy. READ MORE

Texas truck border politics

Texas voters can’t do any better than electing a psychopath? I suppose not. The country’s last president was equally a nut job, while minions DeSantis and Marjorie Taylor Greene parade around looking for something to look stupid about.


Some think the Trump presidency was all about “whitelash” because of the Obama 8 years of presidential professionalism and competence.

This type of governing stupidity should put more people on notice about who they put in office through their votes and by not voting. Just remember not voting is a vote also.

If Americans keep putting these little minded demons in office there will be no need to worry about outside adversaries, the country will implode from within.InnerKwest®

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