We Watch Between We and Thee

By James C. Frasure III – InnerKwest

March 2021

Some argue America and African American’s quest for the “American Dream” may find themselves at an inflection point to reset, redirect, and re-align with ideological destinations which best serve the collective’s interests.

We Watch is an African American influencer, advocate, and lobbyist addressing vital issues impacting African Americans on state, local, national, and global stages.

We-Watch’s mission is to expose, oppose, and fight to eradicate every vestige of Jim Crow Caucus tenets whenever and wherever found. We join prevailing forces in confronting and dismantling white supremacy from American society.

African Americans must press forward insisting American society instill a culture which promotes and nurtures a progressive society with ageless principles.

James C. Frasure III

Generations of African American life-cycles have been spent on major issues with marginal results from protesting to superficial boycotts. For decades turned into centuries, African Americans have exhibited “good faith” on promises that never materialize to positive and earnest results.

No more generations of life-cycles can be expended.

No more generations of Black life-cycles can be expended in hopes the counter-culture will finally recast an institutional environment of fairness and justice. Blacks must quell superficial infighting and bind together or the social experiment of American inclusiveness for Blacks will continue as dangling fruit never to be picked and enjoyed as the counter-culture thrives.

We-Watch is a consortium network member loomed into a greater progressive African American fabric whose mission is to guard, uplift, prosper, and bind together African Americans at every realm to elevate quality of life.

The highly motivated consortium team members are:

  • WittYou Technologies Incorporated – Developer of social media platforms
    • WittYou.com is a social media platform users can create groups, share videos and images. Chat and instant message.
    • Khaunda is a micro-blogger with a 800 character limit to “blow” and “reblow” on what ever the user chooses.
    • Kwyknote is a platform which allows the user to take photo and video with contect on the fly.
    • TwoToo is a dating app for all ages and class levels.
  • InnerKwest is a narrative publisher about the issues that confront African Americans. Historical perspectives are also part of its publishing. InnerKwest takes on the position as a watchdog and community sentinel.
    • BlackOut America Movement focuses on re-directing African American capital to Black business and Black Lives Matter movement event, plus other projects that stress self empowerment
  • AMIBC is a new aggregator diverse news items that effect African Americans from a global posture.
  • ZOLAMO is a e-commerce platform with a growing list of products. ZOLAMO’s platform allows for brands to setup stores the same as AMAZON.

Clear Solutions

The solutions for African Americans to go forward in the midst of counter culture whitelash is clear. The Trump presidency has openly pitted an already divided nation against itself to the edge of great civil disruption. The perpetual political scapegoat narrative implicates Black people whether Blacks consciously acknowledge the sights trained on them or not.


As the Biden/Harris team plots a course to stability and possible reconciliation, the Republicans have not paused on attempting to turn America into a one party rule governing body. All indications and recent legislative efforts point toward intensified gerrymandering and hyper-voter suppression.

Several DINO’s ( Democrats in Name Only) pledge not to dismantle the filibuster. Therefore, there are internal scrimmages in the Democratic party, just as were in 2008 when the Obama presidency had a majority senate for two years.

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African Americans are constantly reminded of their over sensitivity to election outcomes. There is an enormous lack of ownership of impactful enterprises such as Facebook, Twitter, Nike, Walmart, and thousands more.

Time to Act and Engage Now!

African Americans must realize it is in their best interest to re-direct their spending habits to Black owned companies just as other groups and cultures spend within before sending capital elsewhere. Only then will Black business have a normalized relationship with investment channels and other mainstream financial instruments.

The time has arrived for Black people to vote enmasse their interest by gathering on Black owned platforms. African Americans must press forward insisting American society instill a culture which promotes and nurtures a progressive society with ageless principles.

The world has yet to witness African American ownership unity through building platforms which represent their awesome capabilities as a people. Check back for updates.InnerKwest®

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