Atatiana Jefferson, 28 Fatally Shot

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Fort Worth policeman shoots Atatiana Jefferson inside her home while babysitting her nephew October 11, 2019. This tragedy has left the country baffled with the state of Texas law enforcement and its aggressive stance with its African-American citizens. It has been just one week prior the witness in the Guyger trial murder, Joshua Brown.

Atatiana Jefferson was a pharmaceutical rep and working on becoming a medical doctor.

Update: The Fort Worth, Texas, police officer who fatally shot a woman while she was babysitting her nephew over the weekend has been charged with murder.

Aaron Dean was booked into the Tarrant County Correction Center and later released on $200,000 bond, according to jail officials.

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Fort Worth Police Sgt. Chris Daniels acknowledged the outrage that the killing of Atatiana Jefferson, 28, had sparked.

“To the citizens and residents of our city, we feel and understand your anger and your disappointment and we stand by you as we work together to make Fort Worth a better place for us all,” he said.

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