Black Female DAs Speak Out On Lamar Johnson Case

January 11, 2020PM CDT

Black female DA’s are speaking out on the Lamar Johnson case, because he didn’t commit the crime. Two other felons have admitted to the crime Lamar has always pleading his innocence.

There is an evident last gasp effort to maintain white dominance. The judiciary, the executive branch, and the legislative branches are in sync systemically. Your congress person may say one thing, but the system is programmed for self-sustainability.

Take the time to view this video. The information is strategically invaluable.

In July, the Conviction Integrity Unit in Gardner’s office found that Johnson’s conviction was obtained through the false testimony of an eyewitness who later recanted and was secretly paid by the state. Elected prosecutors from around the country are closely following Johnson’s case because its outcome affects us all.

As prosecutors, our discretion to address past miscarriages is at stake. More important, keeping an innocent man in prison does nothing to protect the public. It also, as so aptly stated in the CIU report, “corrodes public confidence in the justice system.”

Make certain you vote no matter how you feel, VOTE. Make sure to be knowledgeable of your local issues and politicians. This 2020 election is pivotal on the standards of life on our families for decades to come. Again, participate by voting and whatever else is necessary.James Frasure's InnerKwest®

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