Cap Collage

Colin Kaepernick Refused to Bend to Roger Goodell’s Will

First I must admit I am not a football fan. I played the game briefly as a child, tore a ligament and that was it. On to something more productive than breaking my body. I suppose football appeals to the violent nature of human beings. I suppose I am an outlier when it comes to football and really proud of that fact.

But, this Colin Kaepernick saga coupled with the election of POTUS#45 really allowed America to show the world it’s deep seeded bigotry and ineptness to say the very least. How dare Again a black man stand-up for sound, constructive principles without asking for permission. Everyone can outwardly display their opinions without backlash, but not a black man.

And again for those that didn’t get it, he peacefully protested by taking a knee bringing attention to police brutality. That’s it and everyone knows that is all it was, but the powers that be must re-enforce the perpetuation of keeping a nigga , black man in check.

As for the latest CAP vs NFL shenanigans.

I simply don’t care about if CAP ever plays football again. He is a millionaire arguing with billionaires. Again the reason the NFL shut him down was purely to re-enforce a long held slave/master power play. I am happy Stephen Smith got a big contract the other day, but at the end of the day he got paid for having a loud mouth and even he knows what to say and what not to say, or else he too will get the boot.

As most know Trump demanded Cap be banded from the NFL, and the NFL took his directive and ran with it. When will black people as a collective stop allowing money to be their sole moral influencer.

Not only did this whole NFL vs CAP expose a large percentage of racist, but it also revealed blacks unwillingness to fight back on principles. Like Master P said, maybe it’s time to start some different leagues. The media will follow the money. When will there be change for blacks, or is black as I know it deprecated? Has the sun set on blackness as I and my forefathers once knew?

More and more it’s getting more difficult to tell who is black and who is not. The Rock, Cap, Traci Ross, Beyonce, my daughter, Sinbad, and the list goes on…don’t have dark skin and are less threatening to white people. How did those people get light skin in the first place? Somebody copulated with or coitus with a white person, consensual or not. We must remember the slave master had no problem sleeping with a female slave. I do mean female, because their was no age of consent to have sex with slaves. And yeah I had to go there.James Frasure's InnerKwest®

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