As previously posted, social media giants have too much control over your data. In the era of Trump pressure is on Facebook and others to comply with a corrupt government request for information on subscribers.

Example: University of Puerto Rico students prepare to face trial in February for participating in a nonviolent protest more than two years ago, documents released to their defense attorneys reveal that Facebook granted the island’s Justice Department access to a trove of private information from student news publications.

To many politicians, activists, and civil rights attorneys, the electronic targeting of politically engaged students appears to be an updated version of a surveillance system that was banned decades ago. “Surveillance is something that has been present in Puerto Rican activism through the ’50s and ’60s,” said Gabriel Díaz Rivera, one of the students facing trial. “A lot of people thought the practice ended in the ’80s, but we now know that it has continued, and that it has been made easier by social media platforms like Facebook.” READ MORE

I will continue to re-enforce warnings about implications surrounding freedom of speech and privacy concerns on social media platforms. Be mindful what you initiate on all social media. Delete does not mean permanently destroyed in today’s social media terms.

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