State of Some Kind of Emergency

Anton “Tony” Wallace

Texas councilman who declared a ‘Black State of Emergency‘ could face recall election. Now let’s put on the brakes for a moment. There definitely is some kind of an emergency in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. On top of the white cops killing innocent at home Black Texans, two were killed at West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement, Texas. Not to minimize the tragedy, but the church is prominently white and the associate pastor shot and killed is black (Anton “Tony” Wallace) from a notable family. Again, all this happened in a town called White Settlement, Texas. The population is 18,000 with a 5% Native American minority.

Sounds like some type of an emergency to me. I have loved ones in the DFW area and the events that have transpired in the last 18 months could have easily involved them. It appears when Black elected officials speak-up on disparaging topics, the system becomes engaged in ousting the discomfort. The same toggle is happening in St. Louis prosecuting attorney’s office which is lead by Kimberly M. Gardner. She is the Circuit Attorney (chief prosecutor) for the City of St. Louis, Missouri. The forces that be want her out of St. Louis.

Since the Micheal Brown shooting in August 9, 2014 and the subsequent civil unrest that followed, many St. Louis black activist have been murdered under highly questionable circumstances. Say what you will, but there is reason Black people should feel a sense of emergency. There are systemic forces attempting to squelch black people, mentally, physically, spiritually, and economically. Someone must sound the alarms. James Frasure's InnerKwest®


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