Word Network Refuses to Apologize

I really had no intentions of jumping into the fray of black pastors this early in the development and tweaking of this blog, but I must add my two cents on this Word Network plantation owner. I grieve in my spirit that we are witnessing Black Pastors being reduced to the tail and not the head of their kingdom building endeavors.

White owner Kevin Adell of Word Network refuses to apologize for controversial meme showing pimping of black pastors


With all the millionaire black pastors, they possess no desire to develop a network they own and have control of their fate. These guys have been caught contrary to their teachings. Black people deserve to be free in all aspects. These black pastors need to show some faith leadership. Obviously it is mostly about the dollar for the vast majority of them. Not building equity in the Black Church. The Kevin Adells’ of this world is just putting his niggas in check. Plain and simple.

I am not going to belabor this situation much more, but I will say again too many of these pastors are at best shallow and just religion marketeers. Don’t get me wrong, I do have my favorites and have a great respect, but I won’t disclose who they are. Too many are like Bloomer though. He just got his hand called by the network plantation owner. You can do that when you are the owner.
As a Tom Jones song goes “What’s New Pussycat”?

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