Julius Rosenberg, Donald J. Trump Crime and Damage Assessment

The January 6th hearings have shed more light on the severity and revelations of Donald J Trump’s undeniable attack on America.

Let’s be clear, Trump and Rosenburg had the intention to bring unfathomable harm to an enormous amount of Americans with their criminal actions.

Julius Rosenberg

Summarized, David Greenglass was a machinist at Los Alamos, where America developed the atomic bomb. Julius Rosenberg, his brother-in-law, was a member of the American Communist Party and was fired from his government job during the Red Scare. According to Greenglass, Rosenberg asked him to pass highly confidential instructions on making atomic weapons to the Soviet Union. These materials were transferred to the Russians by Harry Gold, an acquaintance of Greenglass. The Soviets exploded their first atomic bomb (and effectively started the Cold War) in September 1949 based on information, including that from Greenglass, they had obtained from spies.

Donald J. Trump

Unlike Julius Rosenberg, Trump had the help of many upper-level politicians to help him topple Democracy as we know it in the United States of America. But the end result would be the same as Rosenberg which was the destruction of America. Although there was less evidence on Rosenberg he was sentenced to death by electrocution.

2021 United States Capitol attack

Trump should stand trial and convicted as well. The double standard in today’s American politics is woefully obvious and must be eliminated.

Many feel what encourages Trump is “whitelash” from the election of a two time elected Black president. That kind of weak malignant political assertion must be eradicated.

Trump and his political minions planned seditious acts and knew what was forthcoming on January 6, 2021.

If Trump is not dealt with decisively, bad actors will grow and become stronger in their quest to dive America into a hell hole for everyone.InnerKwest®

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