lamonte McIntyre

Kansas is falsely accusing exoneree Lamonte McIntyre all over again.

The state of Kansas is falsely accusing exoneree Lamonte McIntyre all over again.

lamonte McIntyre

The facts haven’t changed. The only thing linking then-17-year-old McIntyre to the April 1994 broad-daylight murder of two men he did not even know was the detective who worked the case, Roger Golubski. McIntyre’s mother has accused the detective of forcing her to have sex with him, and of framing her son to get back at her for objecting.

Three of the five photos used in the lineup were of her two sons and her nephew. Eyewitnesses who said McIntyre was not the shooter and someone else was were ignored, as were relatives who said McIntyre had been home all day, right up until he was arrested.


One of the two women who initially said they saw McIntyre shoot the men has long since recanted, and said that police and the prosecutor forced her to lie under oath. The other woman, Ruby Mitchell, who has not recanted but has merely said she’s sorry if she got it wrong, and that Golubski had frightened and pressured her sexually en route to the police station, is the one person Kansas City, Kansas officials point to as preserving the possibility that McIntyre really was guilty all along.


In her initial audiotaped statement, Mitchell said the shooter was definitely a guy she knew named Lamonte McIntyre. In the witness statement she signed, she said, “he’s brown skinned, that’s all I could tell.” At a preliminary hearing in June of 1994, she said she’d never before laid eyes on Lamonte McIntyre.

At trial, she said that since she didn’t know McIntyre, she didn’t and couldn’t have given police his name. And in an affidavit in 2011, Mitchell said, “From the beginning, I told the police that the person who did the shooting had french braids.” McIntyre at no point wore braids. A neighbor of Ruby Mitchell’s, Jackie Poole, who has since died, gave a sworn statement that Golubski was a frequent visitor of Mitchell’s.James Frasure's InnerKwest®

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