Trump Branch

New Era Executive Branch:Part One

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Everything taught in school about the branches of government especially the executive has just been thrown out the window like dirty dish water. How does it feel to have constitutional checks and balances shredded by a mob boss president?

Has America changed fundamentally? Does the blue collar and upper middle class feel vindicated or insulated from the recent manifestations of the president and senate?

The structural integrity of the United States is now as stable as the Mexican border wall which partially collapsed and fell on the Mexican side. Are too many Americans not aware of the immediate and long term implications of having a Constitution that is not respected?

I am full of questions that beg for answers. Is what we are witnessing a last gasp attempt in preserving the white supremacist legacy?

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When Obama was first elected and the Democrats had control of both houses, how did nothing get done with that advantage? I am beginning to see no clear advantage of being part of the Democrat party.

For the record: If Trump wins a second term I will no longer identify as a Democrat. There seems to be scattered in ideology, coupled with no party cohesion or loyalty. If the Democrat party does not effectively challenge its rivalry party I am sure many will go elsewhere. James Frasure's InnerKwest®

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