Trumpters Think Freeing Slaves Bad Idea

Trumpters Think Freeing Slaves Bad Idea is nothing new. This particular out poll data was collected in 2016, but it was a recent Facebook data-point.

This is just a reminder to the readers of InnerKwest we will not contribute to FB’s insatiable thirst for extracting data from its users with no redeeming value other than to their multi-billionaire bottom line.

Now back to the Trumpsters. My question is “Are You Surprised”? Also, where in your Bible is the word tolerate used? The word love is constantly referenced. Keep in mind, you tolerate pain until you figure out how to eliminate the source of the discomfort. The same goes for tolerating Black People. Until Black People become pro-active and not reactive about their existence and standard of living in America, the system will continue to boldly introduce and re-introduce ways to collectively rid Black people of the American Dream.

There is no need to keep re-plowing this same field of facts based on 500 years of racist realities. To mute what anyone thinks, today our children need to be steered into STEM business and career creation. It is highly unusual to maneuver through a fast food line anywhere in America and not be served by a black girl with long fingernails, makeup and colored weave. The black boys that greet you at the window seem to be trending gay, than not. Truthfully, the majority Hispanic, white, and Hindu males servicing the fast food window appear more masculine than Black males.

So their wishful thinking freeing slaves was a bad idea. The problem with that after thought is the slaves were rising up from the south and the slaves outnumbered whites 20 to one. How slaves allowed lynching to thin the population is far beyond the scope of this post.

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