A New Day Coming WittYou!

Post Launch Acknowledgements

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The founders of WittYou® understand the enormous undertaking creating and developing a social media platform. WittYou® is 100% African American owned and finds itself at the crossroads of an American revolution.

WittYou will aid and facilitate the projection of relentless power to the black community, but this time with undeniable disruption and intent.

WittYou Technologies has four social media applications. WittYou.com and Kwyknote.com.

Khaunda.com (1280 character limit) and dating platform Twotoo.com

The WittYou® staff has committed to a corporate philosophy which demands African American ownership of business enterprises that promote upward mobility. Furthermore, an example of what will usher in community cohesiveness must be a cornerstone of the company’s operating apparatus.

America will be watching WittYou® to gauge solid block support and participation in communitive engagements.

With the emergence of major Black platforms in banking, and politics, WittYou® stands ready and capable providing a powerfully reliable and innovative social media platform.

As WittYou® engages to appeal for social media users to add us to their social media table, remember there is no level playing field. We are not asking for users to leave their presently used platform, but to give WittYou® the same benefit given the legacy platforms from which they were able to grow.

“Now it’s time to grow our own.”

-James Frasure Co-Founder

It’s a new day for African American social media. WittYou, Inc. is an American social media corporation. It was co-founded by James Frasure III. WittYou® develops social media platforms and advocates for the Black Lives Matter movement among others.

WittYou is a social media platform that is 100% African American owned. The platform has features popular with mainstream social media applications. Just as any viable application, enhancements and development are constantly underway.

At WittYou, we are in a constant quest solving problems, and working together to connect people all over the world. That’s why it’s important that our development team reflect the African American brain-trust in every aspect of WittYou.

Other social media platform principals (owners) have no lineage or otherwise direct connection to the African-American experience in America, but have curated unfathomable wealth off the keystrokes of African-Americans and the Black global community.

Now dictating control over the total spectrum of social media is being challenged with the introduction of WittYou®.

WittYou® was created out of the necessity for African-Americans, the Black Global Community, and those that celebrate the culture to have ownership in viable social media platforms.

In and of itself WittYou is a social statement. No longer acceptable is the notion of relying on entities that don’t have an organic cultural awareness and commitment to the social and economic uplifting of Blacks.

Furthermore, Blacks societal relevance have long been overlooked and taken for granted. When the internet was first introduced, many thought the digital age would level the playing field, but the same biased attitudes prevailed in the Silicon valleys throughout the digital spectrum.

Blacks no longer have to preface the hastag #black on social media to quantify a consensus. WittYou is unabashedly 100% Black owned and welcome the world to join the development of a new day and new age in social mediascape. WittYou welcomes all.InnerKwest®

How You Can Help Build

You can help build this social media platform by advocating to your friends, family, and associates to add WittYou to their social media lineup. We have mandate that we captivate the attention of America and the world by asserting African-Americans possess the focused power output of unity in the community when summoned.
We have begun erecting a people power zone which cannot be burned down.
Be an ambassador for WittYou with our “Tell a friend to tell a friend” campaign.
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. InnerKwest®
—James C. Frasure III  CEO 

We are making strides toward ownership in a big way. African Americans disproportionately provides curated content, which translates into data fuel, which in turn drives social media platforms. Little to no re-investment to the African American communities has been realized. These colossal platforms only respond to BLM confrontation when confronted with dismissive responses.

WittYou reflects a new day. No more reliance on self appointed, authoritative social media platforms. WittYou showcases a self-empowerment movement and determination that represents the masses of African Americans and the Global Black communities without intimidation of censorship or threat of reprisal.

Freedom has a price. Most people aren’t willing to pay it. WittYou has a team of developers that have now put their money and time where their mouths bugle. The question now confronting black people is whether they are willing to embrace a social media platform created for us by us.

Now you have an opportunity to participate in freeing yourself from social platforms that historically have contributed little to no equity in the African American community. Register now, give your own the same level of understanding and use. Register at www.wittyou.com. We will make sure your membership will not be taken for granted. You now have a choice. More social media platforms and apps are in beta testing. We will let you know when our apps are in the PlayStore and AppleStore.
www.wittyou.com. Let go and let WittYou.

Contact Us at gsecure@redajames.com and public.relations@wittyou.com


Before you go make sure to register, login, and start using WittYou.com, Khaunda.com, Kwyknote.com, Riteseat.com, Fansstage.com, and Twootoo.com. Help us grow through your use and growth by spreading the word about one of the few African American owned social media platform developers.