Passive Mindsets Waiting for Centralized Iconic Savior

By James C. Frasure III – InnerKwest

An Eat The Meat, Spit Out the Bones Series.James Frasure's InnerKwest®

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May 2020

No longer can there be passive mindsets waiting for a centralized iconic savior to confront gross injustices and morally bankrupt influencers.
A decentralized local counter-claimant must seek justice by any means necessary.
InnerKwest™ is the conduit that shines light on dark agendas and one-way policy by exposing toxic movements. InnerKwest™ articulates narratives that address, confront, connect and bind the oppressed collective.
This point in time has mandated change. The environment we are treading demands courage without exception.
InnerKwest™ is part of a tool-set needed to aggressively promote positive action with unwavering stature.

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Let’s be honest. The majority of blacks living in subdivisions seemingly integrated are there strictly because of their income earned or previously earned. They are being “tolerated” in many cases, but still some are not. Chances are their white neighbors secretly voted the Trump imperative. If middle-class America in tandem did not hold Trump’s and the GOP racist views as being self-evident, shooting black people in cold blood would not necessitate a grand jury. Immediate arrest and a trial for cold blooded murder is the only response to show good faith and a change from America’s morally decadent past and obvious present.

We are witnessing tectonic shifts throughout global economic and social dynamics. The Trump era coupled with the pandemic imposition has radically changed attitudes along with critical mass re-definitions across the spectrum of American society.

Political ethos is shifting radically to the right. Life is no longer tendered as an inalienable progenitor to birthright.

The concept of a Centralized Iconic Savior is a strategically weak action-denied crisis manager. Black people must learn from previous attempts of “Black Leadership”. The theater of crisis must be de-centralized coordination. Critical issues cannot be addressed with the vast majority of the oppressed parties on the side-line waiting for a centralized Savior to act on their behalf.

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The Trump rhetoric coupled with alt-right Christian AR-15 toting families are emboldened to MAGA by any means necessary. They do not care about your income or “Kingdom Come”. They have come to the end of their “toleration”. Deposit this thought in your mental repository: to tolerate something is just a pause to figure out how to permanently rid the discomfort. Just think, do you want to tolerate a tooth ache the rest of your life, or will you take action to extract that source of pain? Pandemic politics schema may be the straw that brakes the camel’s back.James Frasure's InnerKwest®

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